My name is Phil Elrod and I am a long-time futures trader and a resident of Richardson, Texas. Being a plain spoken Texan, I like to “tell it as it is”. I am neither rich nor famous – however I was lucky enough to have been a friend of, and to have worked with, a multi-millionaire super trader who revealed his personal trading methods to me – and with his blessing, I can now pass them on to you.

TBL is not a system for those that want to sit idly and effortlessly make a million dollars. TBL is for those traders who want to succeed and are willing to work hard for that success.

I have been trading futures contracts for many years – and have recently taken to FOREX – and do pretty well – when I work hard.

Yes, you read that right – futures and/or FOREX trading is hard work. Even using TBL you will have to work hard to be successful. If you are looking for a lazy man’s way to trade you will have to look further – and good luck to you, because you will need it. I have talked with traders from all over the world and looked at trading systems as a professional consultant, and I can assure you of one thing: There is no easy money to be made in securities trading – neither futures, stocks nor FOREX! Think about it.

To make money trading FOREX, futures or stocks, you must take money from people who make their living taking money from other people!

Easy? Come on, get real!

There are no short cuts to becoming a successful trader. There are too many variables that must be mastered. But with the right guide and hard work you can get there. TBL provides you with the tools and complete instructions on how to use them. It is not a black box that produces buy and sell signals – it’s even better! TBL teaches you how to read the music of the markets and to know where to place those buy and sell signals that lead to profitable trades.

Over the years, and while working with leading charting/trading software companies, we have put together TBL, a combination of tools and a methodology for applying those tools, that can be used by the astute trader to produce successful trades time after time.

The key to successful trading is to have more profitable trades than losing trades – AND to make more profit per winning trade than loss per losing trade.

TBL employs several methods that are unique in technical trading.

TBL is the savvy trader’s guide to cherry picking trades!

There are two eBooks available to teach you the TBL way to trade.

Trading between the Lines is a training course for use only on the computer – it contains charts with black background – great way to learn from the computer but black charts do not print well.

See the Music of the Market, a newly released eBook, is great for viewing on the computer and will look good in print as well.

Both eBooks are formatted to display in landscape layout in order to maximize the many charts.

We also offer an eBook for the inexperienced trader, Basic Technical Analysis. Most of the technical indicators used in TBL trading are discussed in detail in the basic eBook..

Get Trading between the Lines and/or See the Music of the Market and soon you may be trading like a pro.


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See the Music of the Market

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